Open Sesame!

Something I rarely blog about is make up, but in actual fact I am a bit of a beauty junkie. I remember my first foray into make up when I was about 13, mint lipgloss from Collection 2000 and then Vanilla lip gloss from Boot’s Natural Collection (yep, we’ve all been there right?). Fast forward to working in retail during uni where I used to diligently spend my earnings in cosmetic halls, especially MAC. It was like an obsession. A scary obsession. I have a silly amount of blushers and I managed to fill two MAC pro palettes within a couple of months, one of which is filled with rainbow brights! Thankfully those days of collecting green and purple eyeshadow are a thing of the past and I managed to curb my obsession long ago. It’s funny because you’d never know since my only necessity these days is liquid eyeliner!

However when the guys over at Find me a Gift asked if I wanted to review the Pink make up gift set by Me Me Me, the beauty junkie was unleashed and I said yes!

Mememe gift set

In theset there is a blush, a light up/mirror lip gloss and a pale pink nail polish. The gift box itself is really sturdy and I’m tempted to use it as new make up brush storage. Moving onto the nail polish, I liked the wide brush applicator (a little like the Rimmel nail polishes) and the consistency was OK but the colour is a bit dull for me as it’s more of a natural pink manicure kind of colour. The pink lipgloss is a bit of a novelty with the automatic light in the cap and mirror on the side. It’s a pretty nude-pink shade and slightly minty with a subtle shimmer which reminds me of the Origins lip glosses (for a fraction of the price!). Since it’s slightly on the novelty side, It’s definitely suited to a younger audience and my little sister quite happily took it off my hands.

mememe gloss

My favourite is definitely the blush which includes a little mini brush. The packaging is cute and obviously looks a lot like Benefit packaging. It’s finely milled, super soft with a slight frosty shimmer and for MAC lovers out there, I think it’s really similar to their beauty powder. I had a look online and the MeMeMe blusher itself retails for £8.50 which makes the £11.99 gift set quite the bargain. Crazily, the website is still offering Christmas delivery so if you’re tempted you can still get it in time for Christmas.

blush me me me

Onwards to something that’s definitely not unusual for this blog, er yes that would be FOOD! One of the stranger things that has recently been introduced to me is black sesame spread. It’s one of my favourite dessert flavours but I was a little surprised to find it in this form. It’s meant to be really good for you as it’s packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, calcium and all sorts of good-for-you stuff. Oh and yes that’s black marker on the jar. I’m not really sure what it’s meant to be blacking out but from experience it’s probably because it’s claiming to be beneficial for something but it’s not official (or at least not in this country since the sesame paste is a product of Taiwan).


tea and black sesameI know it looks kinda crazy (I admit it looks like tar) but it tastes super yummy! This spread is a little like peanut butter but with a strong smokey sesame flavour. This along with Kaya (or coconut jam- from Malaysia) are my favourite spreads on toast at the moment. Nom!