Lovely Surprises

Woo Hoo it’s December! Every day now begins with a little chocolate treat from my Thornton’s Advent calendar. One day I’ll have that super fancy Lancomé one from Selfridges. Though it’s crazy expensive and it’s a lot to pay for a 24 little tester sized products but you know, it would be nice right? However, I’d totally want a Chocolate calendar too because I’m greedy like that.

I always love a bit of a bargain and this dress is a recent favourite and if I remember correctly, it was about £16. I like basic dresses like this since they’re fun to accessorize and I’ve been wearing pretty collars with this to spruce it up recently.

navy dress outfit
Dress (Internacionale) Shoes (Office) Bag (c/o Motel) Necklace (c/o Gogo Philip) 

One of the things I had for my birthday last month were these boots from Office.
They are the comfiest boots ever and if I’m not in my Converse
these days, I’m pretty much wearing these all the time!

Suede booties

Unfortunately, my necklace isn’t very visible in the photo but it was sent to me as a gift from of my favourite jewellery brands, Gogo Philip. You might remember a post from way back in the Summer when the earring version of the necklace was on this wishlist and my favourite earrings are still these prism earrings. So clearly, I was over the moon when these arrived through my letter box!

GoGo Philip goodies
GoGo Philip goodies

The star necklace is my favourite. It reminds me of being little and
going to Chinese restaurants with my family and making stars out of the
toothpicks on the table (what Chinese/Asian child has not done that eh?). I guess the necklace is a lot classier than that!

hailey floral outfit

Jacket (H&M) Skirt (Topshop) Scarf (Market in KL, Malaysia) Bag (Vivienne Westwood) Umbrella (Fulton Umbrella-Amazon)

I found this picture of my sis, Hailey floating about on my computer from the Summer and had to post it, especially as the flowers go so well with the teacup above. This was taken a little after she arrived back from SE Asia (see here and here) which explains her golden tan!

I’m off to London for a long weekend tomorrow morning for my friend’s birthday. I’m so excited. We’re going to Winter Wonderland, eating cupcakes and generally having a merry old time! I will definitely be taking lots of photos so stay tuned. Hope you all have an awesome weekend!