A Long Weekend in London…

So as you know, my lack of blog posts over the weekend was because I was away in London celebrating my friend’s birthday. Our friend from Germany was visiting and as a group, we decided to have a weekend to remember and do lots of touristy things too! So here is my weekend in (food) pictures starting with a trip to the wonderful Maison Bertaux. It was actually through the wonders of Twitter that led us to this old fashioned patisserie, right in the heart of Soho. I asked the oracle that is Twitter (thanks for the suggestions guys!) and now I have a a whole bunch of tea rooms and coffee shops that are in dire need of Winnie visiting. 

Maison Bertaux


It’s totally worth a visit. The cakes were fantastic and we filled our little table with tea, scones and lots of choux pastry much to the amusement of the people that worked there. The tea room was really cosy and full of random art work and after a little bit of research, I found out were created by people such as Noel Fielding. Traditional but also a bit quirky? Yep, I liked it a lot and I can’t wait to go back.

Afterwards we stopped off at M&M world. I’ve been to the one in New York before and it’s pretty much the same. It’s M&M consumer heaven (or hell depending on how you look at it) and every single person inside has the hugest grin on their face, including all the staff! Of course I stocked up on some M&Ms. I mean, how could I even resist?

M&M World London


After the crazyness of M&M world we decided to have a wander along and found ourselves on Carnaby Street. I excitedly noticed that Monki and Cheap Monday have shop spaces there and will be opening their stores soon. I predict a mass blogger pilgrimage when the stores open. I love Carnaby Street at Christmas, the decorations are so pretty.

Carnaby Street


My friends were really excited to check out The Diner since I’ve instagrammed pictures after every single one of my visits there recently. This time, I sampled their pistachio ice cream which is only £1 for a scoop! Total bargain.

Later on that eve, we went out to Grace Bar which is just off Piccadilly Circus. It was an awesome night but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted Cristal on the drinks menu. Wowza, just loose change for some eh?

Crazy Cristal

The following day was our lazy day in. We spent the majority of the day vegging out and watching a film and eating my friends awesome pancakes. Her Mushroom and Bacon and Blueberry pancakes are incredible and I need to learn to make these.
charlottes pancakes

When we did escape the flat, we had dinner and then my friend introduced us to Foundation Bar in Covent Garden. The interior is amazing and they have cocktails served in teapots with accompanying biscuits. For someone who adores tea, this was the PERFECT place for cocktails.



Lucy and I loving our cocktails!

Lastly, on Monday we went to Camden and explored the markets. I haven’t been back here in a little while and it was fun introducing friends to the infamous Cyber Dog which sells gadgets and trance club wear and is practically a rave in itself! It’s a little bit nuts and probably the most bizarre shop in Camden.

bentosushi Kudos to Lucy who introduced me to Bento Cafe. Their sushi is INCREDIBLE and I’m hungry just looking at the pictures. I’m totally going back there next time. It’s always great to discover new Sushi places to try out. I had an amazing weekend with my friends and I’m so sad that it’s all over but it just means that I have to organise regular weekends like this soon!