Happy Christmas Trees!

OK so the Christmas shop is finally over, our presents are wrapped and all sitting under the tree until the big day. I’ve spent the last few days catching up with friends which is definitely one of my favourite things when it comes to Christmas. In fact, I’ve just returned from a night of pizza, popcorn and wine with friends and watching Love Actually, so I’m feeling suitably festive! I’m sure you’re all in the festive mood too and one of my favourite things about Christmas are the decorations and nothing beats a good Christmas tree. Our one is purple and gold this year.

our tree_2011
I was browsing the shops with friends today and we stopped by Paperchase and I was persuaded into buying this pink Christmas tree and decorations. For just £4, how could I resist? I picked up the Gingerbread woman from Accessorize whose decorations are now all half price! I love my new pink tree.
pink tree

I was also amazed when I arrived at my friend Katie’s house for a pizza and movies. Her parents have kitted out their house in so much Christmas stuff and I couldn’t help but take photos of her amazing tree.


I have major tree envy. That tree is so beautiful and perfect! I’ve never had a real tree before and one day this will have to change! For now, I am pretty happy that I have a new tacky pink tree perched on my shelf in my room. I’m just sorry that I didn’t buy it earlier- next year I will have to purchase mini fairy lights for it.

So this is the last post before all the Christmas festivities begin. I’m really looking forward to our yearly mish mash of the usual Christmas traditions and our Chinese ones which includes Hot Pot, Turkey Lunch, Lobster and our Harry Potter Boxing Day Movie (last HP sob!). Bring it on! So from me to all you guys reading, I hope you all have a REALLY wonderful and amazing Christmas.