A box of tasty treats!

Whenever my relatives in Hong Kong send us parcels they are always wrapped in the same way. Without fail, they are wrapped in thick green parcel paper and often reinforced with string that I know my grandad has meticulously knotted together. This makes them easy to recognise whenever the postman is at my door with that familiar green parcel in his arms. I happily signed for the package which contained perfectly wrapped Christmas presents and lots of other goodies crammed inside. 

package from hkInside were lots of treats which they knew that we would appreciate. Including the super random Hello Kitty sandwich bags which let’s face it, are much better than plain sandwich bags. In keeping with the Asian stereotype, we were also sent lots and lots of noodles!
hello kitty suppliesnoodles My relatives wasted no space in the box and stuffed random treats to fill up the space. The Japanese Caramel Candy below are awesome. They’re melon and sweetcorn flavoured. I guess sweetcorn seems like a funny flavour but it’s lovely and milky and you have to try it to understand! These sweets join the rest of the contents of our ‘Sweet’ drawer at home which is stuffed with random Asian treats. The ‘Sweet’ drawer and the ‘Tea Cupboard’ are definitely my favourite places in the kitchen!
japanese caramel candygreen goodies

My favourite things in the parcel are all the green goodies. Wasabi Pretz, Mint Pocky and for the tea junkie that I am, they included two packs of loose green tea (yay!) which I can’t wait to try. Now for Christmas day to discover the contents of all the other goodies…