Shoe Spotting!

After much umming and ahhing over what to write for my next post (I am one of those bloggers that don’t prepare lots of posts in advance) and wondering whether to sift through more HK food posts but instead, those will have to wait as I opted for a shoe post. Mostly because well, I like shoes as much as food (I think?!) and one can never have too many shoes in my opinion!

Some of the things that I have been lusting after my go-to shoe, trusty High-top Converse. I really like the look of these Grey Suede
Converse with shearling lining. Converse have never been good at
keeping my feet warm but at least with the fleecy lining, these would
try their very hardest! The aztec print ones are also pretty awesome too.

I like a good sturdy shoe which explains why a lot of my heels are of the brogue variety and a chunky heel is a huge bonus. The Miss KG Caroline pumps above were spotted in store the other day and they’re super comfy. They’re versatile too but my only gripe is that they are suede. I am always drawn to suede shoes but they do require a lot more care than normal leather shoes and getting them wet is always a fear!

Apart from my window shopping dilemmas, here are some other shoes that I’ve spotted and loved. Firstly, I discovered the fabulous Yull Shoes recently at the Midlands Fashion event that I’ve been volunteering for, where she had a stall and supplied shoes for the show. I’ll definitely be blogging about the show soon.

Yull Shoes

Sarah Yull, the brains behind the shoes creates the most fun and vibrant designs and a deep rooted passion for all things British, which means of course the shoes are made in good old Blighty! I love the heel height of her shoes and the red and black ones above are my favourite, such a great classic design! I love the vintage feel to the shoes.

Yull Shoes 1
I also spotted these Marc by Marc Jacobs studded boots which were worn by Sarah Yull’s friend. How awesome are they? I spotted these shoes a mile off and I had to ask her for a photo. I’m a little bit in love with the stud detail and they look super comfy too with the slight platform.

Marc by Marc Jacobs booties

Next up are THOSE Finsk wedge heels that we’ve seen all over the blogosphere. These beauties were worn by Kavita from I heart Vintage and they drew lots of attention from fellow bloggers that day. I also think she owns the best colour, swoon!

Kavita's Finsk wedges
Hannah's Brogues

Finally these are some lovely patent brogues with red laces worn by the fab Hannah from Bow Dream Nation. This picture has been floating around on my computer since London Fashion Week and I’m so pleased to finally include it in a post. I think adding different coloured laces or ribbon to shoes is a really great way of breathing new life into them. I love how she’s worn them with contrasting blue socks. 

Oh I really want to go on a shoe shopping spree now…