Nothing but a big kid…

One of my birthday presents was this fun colouring book
by Nina Chakrabarti and it is the most perfect procrastination book ever. I have it in my room and find myself flipping to a random page and doodling away to my hearts content. It’s pretty much like the colouring books you have when you’re little, except fashion filled and none of those join the dots activities.

book photo

studded jacket doodle
pattern shoes
shoe doodles

Another little present that I was given were these Hello Kitty Jelly Beans. As you guys probably know by now, I am a bit of a sucker for Hello Kitty. The love for the mouthless kitty has not dampened since I first discovered her when I was little! I remember when all my Hello Kitty things came from Hong Kong because it was impossible to buy Sanrio goodies over here…oh how that has changed!

hello kitty jelly beans

sunday afternoon
I haven’t bought a magazine in ages and I’ve realised that I buy most of my magazines in the Winter months because somehow, I find more time to read them during this time. I guess there is nothing better than to curl up on the sofa with a hot drink and a good read. So armed with Jelly beans, a magazine, a cup of tea (and a doodle in my colouring book if I get bored) this is the perfect way to spend a gloomy afternoon!