Cake and Cocktails!

So with my promise of more frequent blog posts along came my Birthday and real life promptly took over from the land of the blog! I had a fab birthday, spent with my family and friends. It all started calmly at home where I celebrated my birthday jointly with my mum! Happy Birthday to you too Mum! xx

birthday instax 25th_2

Our cake was another one of the creations from one of the Chinese bakeries in Birmingham. We chose a more traditional style, light fluffy vanilla cake, fresh cream and decorated with fruits! The cake was so light that I could definitely eat the entire thing to myself…


After the cakey goodness, it was time for an outfit change to spend the evening with my best friends who I’ve known since I was 11 years old. A time when I didn’t even own a computer and had no idea what on earth a blog was!

another sheer blouse...

A friend of mine recently said that I have a thing for blouses and I couldn’t agree more! I admit I have a very similar blouse to this from H&M but it’s not nearly as lovely as this newest Zara purchase. It has a cute gold studded collar, the buttons are all hidden and it has a little pocket which is stitched on sideways…so it’s completely defunct. It’s definitely all about the details, even if it’s just me who notices them!

zara blouse copy

Blouse (Zara) Skirt (Topshop) Belt (River Island) Bag (Hong Kong) Shoes (Office)

My birthday evening began in Jamie’s Italian in Birmingham where we sat in one of the booths, had a delicious meal and we were served by the most enthusiastic waiter. Their posh chips which are cooked in truffle oil and topped with Parmesan is one of my favourite things in there.


Lovely friends

I can hardly believe that I’ve known these girls for 14 years now. I love you guys!!

Among my gifts was an amazing teacup and a yummy batch of peanut butter and raisin cookies. I was really tempted to ask if my cocktails could be served in the cup! After the meal, we went to Island Bar, which is the best cocktail bar in Birmingham and also where Aussie hosted one of their parties and where I took my friend Sally (below) as my plus one!

jamies cookies and sal


Their cocktails are actually sublime. I discovered my favourite cocktail courtesy of my friend Hannah who
bought one and we all swooned at its yummyness. If you ever visit Island Bar, definitely check out the cocktails specially created by them. The one below was made from Amaretto, cherry juice and a whole bunch of other yummy goodness. I think it was called Mi Amore but I can’t remember exactly…

cherry cocktails
tea and cookie

After a night of sipping cocktails and dancing the night away, we retreated home! Bit of a dark photo, but what better than to come home after a fab night out with your best friends and drink out of your brand new tea cup and nibble on freshly baked cookies? Most definitely a perfect end to an awesome birthday!