Little Blue Dress

Oh I feel so out of the loop these few weeks when it comes to blogging. I remember the days when I used to blog three times a week back when I was at uni (what on earth did I write about?) but blogging more is definitely something I need to try and do. This is especially because after months of volunteering for a local fashion event, it all came to fruition on Friday night which means I have a lot more time on my hands! I will be posting about the fashion show soon. It was an amazing, sold out show and I managed to get lots of backstage pics as well as from the end of the runway! Anyway, enough of my rambling, here is an outfit shot featuring another little HK purchase.

is it sunny?
Beverly Island Dress

Dress (Apostrophe- Island Beverley, Causeway Bay, HK) Cardi (Oasis) Necklace (c/o Tatty Devine) Tights (House of Holland) Shoes (New Look) Ray Bans (c/o Mister Spex)

I love this dress which was bought from Island Beverely in HK from one of the miniature boutiques that can be found inside the mall. It’s actually asymmetrical with the ruffle going over my right shoulder. I have a thing with my upper arms so I tend to keep them covered up but that suits me fine in the UK as cardigans are pretty much needed all year round.  

tatty devine bow

rayban sunniesBarry M Nail Paint in Indigo and Gold.

I do miss the sun. You know the seasons have changed when you take to Twitter and start tweeting about cups of tea, winter boots, woolly tights and cosy knits with other bloggers. Actually, what am I saying? I love all of those things!!