Fashion and Birthday Cake

A few weeks ago I was invited along to ‘The Show’ at the Bullring Shopping Centre, where I took my seat at the end of the catwalk situated within the mall with my sister Hailey and the lovely Fritha from Fish Tank Fashion. The mini-fashion show showcased what the UK High Street had to offer in what is now, a yearly fashion event for the Bullring. This particular spot is also where TV stylist and haberdashery lover (well I had to say it!), Gok Wan likes to put on his roadshows. The show itself featured brands that were available in the shopping mecca that is The Bullring. They also played with the idea of the hologram and a screen at the end of the catwalk displayed images of Tiffany Pisani (winner of 6th Cycle, Britain’s Next Top Model) appearing alongside the live models who strutted their stuff down the runway.

SDC19779SDC19774Personally, none of the looks that went down the runway were really ‘me’ but it’s great to draw inspiration from them from the textures, tailoring, layering and accessories. There were some really fun pieces and I particularly loved the turquoise trousers and jacket combo which of course, was from Zara. It’s all in the tailoring isn’t it?


After the show, the lovely Emma (thank you!) handed us press passes to the final show of the day of Style Birmingham Live at Birmingham Town Hall which is hosted by the always dapper, George Lamb.


Similar to last year, it was full of theatrics and lots of choreography, the kind you tend to see at the Clothes Show Live. This show concentrated on department stores and shops around the city centre, with the likes of House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols and local boutiques taking part. I thought it had improved a lot on the previous year as they had left out the lingerie modelling which let’s face it, is a little on the cheesy side. When Kristabel and I visited last year, we thought was super random!
SDC19807SDC19791I’ve become more of a fan of all things red over the past few years so I love the red pieces above. I also couldn’t help but note the very Chuck Bass-like influences in some of the male styling. The one below is definitely Chuck worthy. Yep, I still watch Gossip Girl even if the series seems to be crumbling around the edges and has kind of lost it’s sparkle, any thoughts? All in all, it was a pretty fun day and I did leave wanting to go shopping and inspired to stock up on a few Autumn/Winter essentials (hello Velvet and statement jewellery!).

stylebrumOn to the next event in the Diamond Canopy household! You know I love to talk about my family and it was my youngest sister’s 14th birthday. Of course, she had a wonderful cake and chose this calorific chocolate cake to celebrate. Such pretty packaging!

SDC19895The cake was incredible. Absolutely Chocolate laden but made from the typically light sponge that is used in Chinese cakes and layered with chocolate caramel filling. So moreish! Usually we have the more traditional Chinese cakes covered in cream and fruit but I would say that this kind of style cake is more contemporary Hong Kong style.

SDC19903Of course I took out my Instax and snapped a few pics of Becky and her cake. It’s been a while since I’ve taken any photos using the camera. I have so much film all stocked up now, I really better get back into the routine of using it again! 

becky's14th instax

Me, Becky, Hailey, Cake, Becky’s new HP net book and random plastic fruit in the background (yeah I think this is weird too!) 

So here is another photo of us sisters, you guys must be used to seeing our faces after our many family snaps in HK (plenty more food posts to sift through yet!). Becky has just had a new wardrobe and it’s looking rather empty and forlorn as she’s just cleared out a whole bunch of her kiddy clothes. She is itching to fill it up with lots of new clothes and this definitely spells trouble! She’s already taken to reading Tavi’s Rookie Mag (I wish I knew what a blog was when I was 14!) and I know it won’t be long until her wardrobe rivals ours!