Stripes, bows and a bit of bling!

My sister, Hailey has become very much a part of this blog now and here she is again, this time firmly back in the UK and not on her travels across SE Asia (Still jealous! See here and here). We’re both big fans of Zara and we both have the very same dress, except hers is caramel and mine is red. I know that a lot of other bloggers have the same dress and I’ve seen this style of dress now in almost all the high street stores.
hailey umbrella 2
hailey and umbrella

Dress (Zara) Jacket (H&M) Belt (Causeway Place, HK), Shoes (H&M) Umbrella (Accessorize)

bow belt
shoes and umbrella detail
I’m loving the elements of pattern in Hailey’s outfit. From the spotted bow belt to the stripes in the umbrella. Generally, Hailey has much more of a nude palette to her clothes with hints of colour. It’s funny how two people can like similar things but have very different styles. She’s also much better at wearing heels than I am!

I have to say a big thank you to Simply Beach who sent me this bikini from Surf brand, Protest. In the weeks leading up to my HK holiday, I was trying to find something for a possible beach trip with my friends (yup, there is actually a beach there!) and that’s when Simply Beach came to the rescue, letting me take my pick from the vast range on their website. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit the beach in the end. Perhaps, this is a good thing, oweing to the amount of food I consumed while I was there! However, the guys over at Simply Beach were fab and it’s definitely worth keeping them in mind for any pre-holiday purchases! I’m just sorry that I didn’t get to wear it but I would very much like to escape on a beach holiday right now…
simply beach bikini
iphone hello kitty case
Speaking of HK and spangly new things, this is yet another iPhone case that I bought while I was out there. The above was from the infamous Ladies Market which is full of touristy tack, mobile accessories, counterfeit/copycat goods and lots and lots of Sanrio goodies. I’ve been prancing around with it and my friends have looked at me quite often in disbelief with that look of “Winnie, are you sure you’re 24?”. Yes indeedy! Whether you love it or hate it, it’s bling-tastic!