What’s the time Mr Wolf?

…Dinnertime! Well, that’s judging from all the photos that are yet to come from HK. It’s kind of embarrassing as my friends and family keep asking me what I did other than eat and shop. I really have to think long and hard to tell them what else I got up to because even meeting up with friends involved eating, shopping or BOTH! Well, errr, I think they are perfect partners, don’t you agree?

what's the time mr wolf? 2

Dress (HK), Cardi (Oasis) Belt (Vintage) Shoes (Nine West) Watch (c/o Guess)

The dress with it’s paintbrush-heart print was a cute little find in the mall at Causeway Place that I keep mentioning (I told you it’s my favourite mall!). On the very first day we arrived in HK, we headed straight to my family’s apartment, dropped off all our luggage, greeted my family and then swiftly hopped in a taxi for Dim Sum with my grandparents in Causeway Bay. I remember feeling ravenous and my sister and I devoured our favourite dim sum but sure enough, the jet lag was starting to kick in. Much to the amusement of my grandparents, we fought against the sleep and we headed straight to a busy Causeway Bay and we BOTH picked up a dress each. Hardcore! This was within 3 hours of getting off our 12 hr flight but we did feel like zombies at the end of the day.

While I was there, I was lusting over some of the white toy watches that were sold everywhere and featured on too many wrists to mention. So imagine my excitement when upon my arrival back to the UK, H Samuels asked if I would like a new watch from the full range of Guess watches that they now currently stock. Well, what else is there to say other than ‘yes please’?!

guess details bag

guess watchwhat's the time mr wolf?

I was so excited to receive this watch as it’s something I wanted but don’t have the money to treat myself. One thing is for sure, I need to get out of the habit of pulling my phone out to check the time or even worse when people ask me what the time is and I say I don’t know, only for them to stare at me and then at the watch on my wrist that is most definitely there and not a figment of their imagination. Sorry!

guess details

I’m impressed too, the only thing I can’t do with it is snorkeling and scuba diving. I’ll just make sure I do the washing up, walk in the rain, wash my (dad’s) car, have a bath and go swimming with it on. It’s OK, I’m alright with that.