July: ViVi

I can’t believe I’ve arrived back in the UK! This month has passed so incredibly quickly but hopefully, I won’t leave it so long until I am reunited with Hong Kong again. It is a home away from home. However, being back in Blighty means I am reunited with my computer and I am itching to blog properly and share with you all the things that I have been up to here. I took a crazy amount of photos so I will organise myself and share them with you guys soon!

A little bit late but here are the July scans for ViVi. Enjoy!

VIVI JULY 2011-2
VIVI JULY 2011-1
VIVI JULY 2011-3
VIVI JULY 2011-5

VIVI JULY 2011-8VIVI JULY 2011-9
VIVI JULY 2011-7
VIVI JULY 2011-12
VIVI JULY 2011-14
VIVI JULY 2011-10

As always, there are plenty more scans to be found on my Flickr!