Put your hands up

You guys will be seeing a lot more of my sis, Hailey over the next few weeks as she is drafting up a couple of posts about her travels to SE Asia. It’s a bit of a mammoth task and in her case, painful to omit so many of her photographs of the trip (she took 1000’s!) but you guys are in for a treat. I’ve been editing some of her photos and they are just swoonworthy. Here she is…

we like to boogie

T-shirt (Mango) Blouse (Topshop) Shorts (Topshop) Shoes (Radley) Sunnies (ASOS) Necklace (Topshop)

These headphones went sent by Hed Kandi (thank you Emily!) and as I already have my very own pair of trusty headphones which I love, I handed them over to Hailey.

hedkandi headphones
boogie hailey

K-Pop boyband, 2pm was her music of choice in these pics!

boogie details

Lots of accessories she’s collected from her travels…

radley shoes

As you can tell, we had a lot of fun in the sun taking these pics! We think the headphones will be super useful to use when we fly to Hong Kong on Tuesday and soo much better than the itchy ones you get given for the in flight entertainment. Fingers crossed there will be some decent movies to keep us amused for the 12 hour flight! I want ‘Bridesmaids’ to be on but that’s still too new isn’t it? I’ve heard such good things about that movie…

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I still haven’t packed yet. In fact neither has Hailey but then again she’s not been home long from her travels and she’s used to throwing a few things in a rucksack and calling it a day. Luckily my family in HK have told me to pack lightly as they will be providing PJs and toiletries. Still, I need to figure out a capsule wardrobe! I will be packed by Sunday, I will I will!