ViVi: June 2011

I always have my latest issue of ViVi lying around my bedroom floor for weeks on end where I randomly flick through them for a bit of inspiration. When I can’t get family members to bring over cheaper copies from HK, it turns into an expensive habit but I kind of treat them as Look Books. For this reason, I am always behind with scanning the magazine in because it takes me ages to get through it, despite not being able to read the hiragana/katakana. So finally, here are my picks of my favourite pages from the June issue!


VIVI JUNE 2011-1

VIVI JUNE 2011-6

VIVI JUNE 2011-5

VIVI JUNE 2011-7

VIVI JUNE 2011-9

VIVI JUNE 2011-8

VIVI JUNE 2011-11

See my Flickr for other pages I liked but didn’t quite make the cut.