It’s all about the Sunnies…

I have always loved Rayban Sunnies, particularly the original wayfarers. Yeah, I know that they are particularly popular, ‘trendy’ and insanely replicated on every street corner but it’s a shape that I think suits almost everybody and pretty much timeless too.

Original Raybans.

They have always been a familiar brand as my dad has always owned the Rayban Aviators. Ever since I was young, I thought they looked like the coolest things ever and in the eyes of a child they made him seem even more of a Superdad! Especially after watching things like Top Gun.


Everyone has their own unique style that they go for, check out these lovely ladies in their choice of shades!


Fiona from Save Our Shoes


Kristabel from I Want You To Know


My sis, Hailey (sneak peek from a post coming soon!)


Mine and Hailey’s Sunglasses

The wayfarer style is probably the most copied style ever with knock-offs found at every market, no matter where in the world you are. Hailey found a pair in Vietnam which are pretty much identical to the real thing. Speaking of Raybans, at a recent press event, Next were ever so kind to gift me these Clubmaster look-a-like sunglasses and silk scarf. I am totally in love with the floral print and it’s retro vibes.



My My mum reckons they look like children’s glasses but I guess she hasn’t seen me wear the heart shaped ones from H&M recently! Between my sister and I, we own sooo many pairs of sunglasses, are you guys like us and have an ever growing collection?