How much is that teacup in the window?

I took my youngest sister to London for the day recently. It begin with a stop at the Japan Centre where we devoured our sushi happily. For less than £10 and two free green teas it’s not too shabby at all really!


We then went on to the V&A where unfortunately, the fashion exhibition space was closed until 2012. This was a shame as Becky really wanted to check out the historic dresses. However, we checked out the Yohji exhibition (more on this in the next post!) and wandered around the vast museum.

v&a cast works

v&a outfit

Cardi (Oasis) T-shirt (Zara) Skirt (Topshop) Bag and Belt (c/o Next) Shoes (Converse)

At first, I noted this beautiful costume for it’s pretty colours but upon reading about the garment, there is definitely more than meets the eye. Lee Chung-hie is a fiber artist who uses an ancient Korean patchworking technique called chogakpo to create complex geometric designs. Here she has applied them to a traditional Korean trouser and jacket garment.

Lee Chung-hie

Traditional Korean trousers and jacket by Lee Chung-hie.

We soon found ourselves on the top floor of the V&A (where I had never ventured before) where we were met with shelves upon shelves of ornaments and ceramics. ceramics

It was a bit scary to be honest, especially given the gaudy collections of ceramics like the ones below. I thought it was funny how it reminded Becky of the Department of Mysteries in the Harry Potter series. It really did!



However the exception was that there are a whole lot of tea cups that I want to call my own.

Speaking of tea, it was inevitable that we eventually we stopped for tea and cake in the beautiful Edwardian tea rooms.

edwardian tea rooms v&a


We also stopped by Topshop where I checked out the secret store while it was there. It was a cute little space but the prices were CRAZY! Some pieces were extremely limited edition which meant that a netty top was priced at £350, so for me, it just felt like a continuation of being at the V&A. Lots of pretty clothes that I can never ever own! Even more so when I spotted some of their nail polishes with a few plastic gems stuck on and were sold for 2x more than their original price. Yup…I’m off to raid my craft box and prettify my nail polishes and save that extra fiver!