Plenty of Knitwear…

If you haven’t read Kristabel’s (AKA I Want You To Know) latest blog post, I suggest you do! At her graduate knitwear show last week, I was truly blown away by the talent that she had kept hidden from her blog for so long. I think she only ever blogged about one jumper she made (which was swoonworthy!). So without further ado, let’s begin this photo-heavy post…prepare yourselves!


Kristabel Plummer

Kristabel’s collection is called ‘Archive Assembly’ and as the name suggests, it was inspired by collections, particularly bookshelves and this is seen in the patterns in the knitwear reflecting the haphazard colour blocking of books. I suppose some might say I’m biased towards Kristabel’s collection but I think the pictures can speak for themselves. Her collection was magnificent!

KP Archive Assembly

Andy Espin 1, 6 and Jazmine 3

Impressed? I know I was! Aside from Kristabel’s collection, I really adored these collections, I’m definitely a sucker for all things brightly coloured and it just so happened that these were the least blurry of my photos. Win.

Natalie Stead

Natalie Stead


Mollie Brown

I have to say that the Nottingham Trent 2011 knitwear grads are a very talented bunch! My digital camera is awful in comparison to all you other bloggers with your high-tech SLRs (I’m sure you could tell which ones were mine in the collage) and so I point you towards Jazmine’s Flickr for more wonderful photos of Kristabel’s collection and her fellow knitters. Here is the lovely lady herself, looking gorgeous in her red Zara dress (we can be twins now) and her awesome Jeffrey Campbell Alexa wedges.


Kristabel received some amazing news on Wednesday. She has been selected to show at Graduate Fashion Week on the 7th June! Her designs on the big stage? Super proud and a humungus congrats Kbel!

More pics of the day over on my Facebook page!