Pass me the biscuits!

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch, where we feasted on our new favourite thing to share which is the antipasti at Jamie’s Italian. I always order mint tea from there too which is lovely and refreshing. Anyway, here I am posing with a fork and lots of cured meats and mozzarella balls.

Me @Jamie's Italian
Anti-pasti at Jamie's Italian

Later on I bought these amazing tie dye shorts from Topshop. They’re lovely and given the the rest of the post below, a little bit party ring coloured but unfortunately they’re just not meant to be mine and I returned them this morning. Sometimes you just don’t know until you take them home and try them on with your own things. I just won’t get enough wear out of them and my money is probably better spent on something else. So pretty though!

Bye Bye shorts

My friend who I met for lunch bought me a little present which really took me by surprise. Thank you Carly!! She told me that she had a bit of a dilemma over which brooch to buy me and settled on the purple ceramic party ring in the centre made by Kath Cooper. Perfect! Little did she know I have a thing for party rings with my knitted ones (from All the fun at the fair) already in my collection. I couldn’t resist buying a real packet of the biscuity treats and putting my pretend party rings among the real ones!

Party Rings
Party Rings reverseParty Rings assortment

Brooches- Ceramic brooch (Kath Cooper) Knitted brooches (All the Fun at the Fair)

I can’t get over how real the ceramic party ring brooch feels in my hands, right down to the little ridges on the reverse. I was really tempted to nibble at it because it feels THAT real but I guess I’ll just turn to my real packet of party rings for now…