ViVi: April 2011

If I had to tell you one thing about myself it would be that I am terribly indecisive. So it comes as no surprise that with this months ViVi magazine (which I finally got round to scanning) I found it terribly hard to choose my favourites for just one post. So here is part 1 and I’ll publish the rest later! Enjoy!

Vivi April 2011 cover

Vivi April 2011 1

Vivi April 2011 1-2Vivi April 2011 1-4

Vivi April 2011 1-3
Vivi April 2011 1-6

Vivi April 2011 1-5Vivi April 2011 1-7

Vivi April 2011 1-9

I have the shorts below…I just wish they looked as good on me as they do on her!

Vivi April 2011 1-11

Vivi April 2011 1-10

I am so itching to go shopping now and inspired to wear some statement jewellery with white blouses as worn by Ena Matsumoto. If like me you have a bit of a style crush her too, she has a Japanese blog (mentioned in the scan) which you can find here!