ViVi: April 2011 Part 2

So as I promised, here are the rest of the ViVi scans! These scans feature a little more street fashion and also a certain super blogger.

Vivi April 2011 1-12Vivi April 2011 1-13

I really love this particular page. Maybe it’s just the hair clip and the colours but it reminds me of how Midori dresses in the film adaption of Norwegian Wood by Anh Hung Tran. A beautiful film that I highly recommend…but I’d say read the book first!

Vivi April 2011 1-14
Surprisingly, it’s been a little too warm for tights lately but I like these and the penchant for geek glasses.
Vivi April 2011 1-16
Vivi April 2011 1-15Vivi April 2011 1-17
I remember reading on Rumi’s blog a long time ago about how she used to read ViVi and identify with the (predominantly) half Japanese models in the magazine. Now she is a regular feature, both as a blogger and being a brand ambassador to several Japanese brands.
Vivi April 2011 1-20
Vivi April 2011 1-18Vivi April 2011 1-19
Vivi April 2011 1-22Vivi April 2011 1-21

Hope everything is enjoying the sunshine! I could really do with a Solero ice cream…