See ya later alligator

Nope, unfortunately I’m not going anywhere for a good few months but as I mentioned before, my sister Hailey has gone off on her travels for 2 months. I keep meaning to take her photos more often but I managed to snap this outfit of hers before she dashed off to Thailand. We both love a bit of colour and I love how she paired her caramel trousers with the sugar pink top, all toughened up with her aviators and her jacket.

Pink and caramel

Top (Topshop) Trousers (Zara) Jacket (H&M) Oxfords (New Look) Belt (ASOS) Sunnies (Mango)

Love detail
Rings amber detail

Necklace (ASOS) Rings (Forever 21 and Miss Selfridge)

Of course, the blogger in me documented the journey from our house to the airport. Usually Hailey likes to look over my shoulder to OK all the photos that I’ve taken, but I’m sure she’s much too happy chilling out in Bangkok at the moment to care! Hailey’s backpack is huge on her and it made me laugh when she said she dare not bend over for fear of falling over from the weight!

All packed and ready to go
Hailey & Mom airport
hailey at the airport

Hailey leaves the city tomorrow venturing into more rural/beachy areas of Thailand for the rest of the month with her Real Gap crew. After this, her and a friend will spend May exploring Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Oh the lucky thing! When she returns in June, we have a mere 3 weeks before we both jet off to Hong Kong together. Which seems so soon when I put it like that!

On a random note, this is the novelty Panda, filled with ice cream that my youngest sister Becky devoured happily after we dropped Hailey off at the airport. It was too cute not to photograph!

panda ice cream