Let’s pretend it’s Summer…

So it’s been a week since it was officially British Summer time. With the longer days and some much lovelier weather, I’m sure you’ve already seen people breaking out the sunnies, shorts and general attire. I think university campuses must be the prime location for this kind of behaviour! For me, my legs will still be clad in tights for the foreseeable future (I can’t imagine the thought of bare legs yet!) but instead, I’ll break out one of my most favoured colour combinations in this casual-at-home-outfit. Hello cheery ice-creamy Peach and Lavender!

Peach and Lilac

Pointelle top, jeggings (Topshop) Long vest (H&M) Shoes (Nine West)

peach and lilac windy

Super windy!

Speaking of shades, check out the awesome collection that I was able to snap at London Fashion Week. Chronicles of Never are an Aussie label by ex-Ksubi designer, Gareth Moody and not only have some cool eye-wear but also a range of unisex clothing and jewellery. I am loving these chunky frames! Swoonworthy? I totally wish I had tried them on when I had the chance. I want them all.

chronicles of never

Moving on to some much more affordable shades in comparison, the ones I’m sporting below were sent to me courtesy of Polaroid Sunglasses (thank you Laura!). I have to admit that I wasn’t really aware that Polaroid made sunglasses (check out these cat eye ones) but maybe that’s because I’ve been living under a rock and not really with it when it comes to shades. Personally, I would normally go for much darker frames and these shades would probably suit someone with much fairer hair. However, they are probably the most comfortable shades that I own! I don’t think I own any shades that have anti-glare and 100% UV400 protection. I’d really love to share a pair of these with you guys (details to be confirmed) so look out for a give away coming soon!

Polaroid 2 polaroid

My rubbish attempt at looking serious…but I don’t do serious and us bloggers should smile more anyway.


Finally, everyone has been commenting on my nails. What better way than to spruce them up with PERFECT polka dots using Gem’s polka dotty tip. It’s so easy and way better than my previous way of applying the spots which were just messy, random splodges!

a little dotty

See, even my nails are embracing the polka dot trend (which by the way, I am loving!) Marc Jacobs eat your heart out!