Some things are never forgotten

Yes it’s THAT Christopher Kane for Topshop dress. It’s definitely recognisable a mile away, even after several seasons. When the dress is not tucked into skirts, people always do a double take when I wear it as it is. It makes me laugh because after someone compared the dress to that terrible horror movie, ‘Teeth’ it’s hard to look at it the same way again. I guess you guys won’t look at it the same way either now!


Dress (Christopher Kane for Topshop) Blouse (H&M) Bag (c/o Next) Jacket (Topshop) Shoes (Office)

Something else that is equally unforgettable but in a much more sentimental and nostalgic way, are these photos. My dad brought home an old suitcase which was from the late 70s/early 80s, when my dad first came to the UK from Hong Kong. Inside were old ties, socks and paperwork but when my dad dug out some photos he broke into the hugest smile. These are photos that his younger brother (my uncle) sent to him of his pet clownfish and of some Moon cakes. Moon cakes were not freely available in those days so it certainly was torture for my dad to receive this letter all those years ago. Check out the vintage moon cake box!

letters to dad

On the reverse of these cards are faded letters to my dad. It’s strange seeing my 14 year old uncle’s writing and the amount of care he put into writing the letters. I’m used to seeing my uncle in suits and so imagining him with a box of crayons and writing letters to my dad from his room in Hong Kong, is definitely a different image. So sweet!

It always strange thinking of the life that your parents had before you were born. I think there is still so much I don’t know so I need to ask more questions! Do you guys feel the same sometimes?