Just a little bit sketchy

I love a good bit of illustration and when they appear in magazines, I quite often study the page for a little longer than the usual photographic editorials, taking in the pencil strokes, the careful details and how the artist has been able to render different textures. When I received Monki Magazine #3 issue (Sign up here to get your free copy if you haven’t already!) I paused for a long time at these wonderful illustrations by Annelie Carlström. So of course, I have to share them.

A Place For Us- Monki MagazineA Place for us 2

A Place for us 3A Place for us 4

 A Place for us 5A Place for us 6

A Place for us 7  A Place for us 8

I love her minimal use of colour, used just to pick up details and enhance textures. When I looked her up I found that she’s also an active blogger over at Annelie Carlström Illustration, so definitely a new blog that I will be visiting routinely. I wish I could sketch nearly half as well!