Ever so slightly noodles

Now I don’t usually promote other people’s blogs like this but there are of course, exceptions for friends. Meet my friend Claire. I’ve known her since my Art History days at uni, when my friend, Carly told me that she was one of the girls I would soon be calling my housemate. She seemed quiet and unassuming at first but wow, I couldn’t be more wrong!

It turns out that she’s as mad as her beloved dolls house which reminds me of Monica’s doll house in Friends. Everything is perfect but we all know that a few Phoebe-esque additions wouldn’t go amiss. Giant pet dog/fairy lights/bubbles anyone?

Crazy Claire and Dollhouse
At uni we spent a lot of time eating ice cream (my hair is so short!)…
Claire and I 2008
Being silly in gardens…
Claire & Winnie c

…and staring in disbelief at people doing stretches. So ok ok, the picture below is a bit of a one off because it was taken in Central Park back in 2008 but it makes me laugh.

Central Park

These days, Claire spends her time studying for an MA in teaching English as a foreign language. She’s already taught in China for a year and I’m sure it is a matter of time before she is reunited with Asia after her degree. With places like Korea as a place she would like to teach, I’ll definitely be wanting to visit her when she is a fully fledged teacher! Aside from writing essays, she always has time for to share some yummy anti-pasti at Jamie’s Italian.

Jamie's Antipasti

Spotted the Red Queen felt badge that she’s rocking? She spends an extraordinary amount of time crafting bits and pieces and this is just one of them. She also made me a mini Kokeshi badge which has never left my jacket from the day that she presented me with it. Oooh lucky me!

Queen of hearts badgeKokeshi badge

Claire has plans to open an Etsy shop soon but in the meantime check out her newly revived blog over at Slightly Noodles! In the mean time, I’m off to hang out with friends in Warwick for the day, I have my instax with me so will be snapping some photos in the lovely sunshine!

>>update Claire is now working in China and her blog can be found here: http://www.slightlynoodles.com/