AW11 Felicity Brown

I can’t believe it’s almost been a week since my last post. Sometimes life gets in the way (or perhaps just laziness) but for the past few days, like many of us, I’ve been pretty much gripped to the news on Japan. Sometimes things just seem a little trivial when something as catastrophic as the Japanese Tsunami happens. So before I carry on, if you haven’t donated already here is a link to the British Red Cross or American Red Cross. Be strong Japan, we’re all thinking of you.

OK, so onto something a little less heavy, let me take you guys back to London Fashion Week where I spent a lot of time looking around the exhibition that was on show. One of the designers that I’ve grown to really look forward to at the exhibition is Felicity Brown, a young designer that I’ve admired every single season since I started attending LFW. I wrote about her last year and for AW11 her wonderfully, intricately layered and dyed dresses were back in full force.

Felicity Brown nameFelicity Brown showpieceFelicity Brown Detail Top
Felicity Brown hanging dresses
Felicity BrownFelicity Brown detail

Brown’s designs were far less whimsical this time round and where she had experimented with gentle dyes last season, they had progressed to much stronger dyes, where the colours seemed to be much more sure of themselves. They were even more intricately layered, prints were mixed in amongst the layers or used much more boldly in others and some had beautiful shredded detail. One thing that was quite apparent was the folky, tribal feel. This is no coincidence as Brown states that one of her inspirations are Bedouin cultures as well as costumes. There is definitely something about the dresses that evoke strong, powerful women which is of course no bad thing. Definitely a lot of love for Felicity Brown.

A bit of an aside but I’ve been featured over at Style Clone. It’s fun seeing someone else’s take on my outfit and seeing how an alternative outfit can be put together. Though, I’m not sure that even I spend that long analysing the clothes that make up my outfit! Anyways, check out the website for more style tips and other bloggers who have also been style cloned!

>>Update: Before I forget, I better include this competition! As some of you know, I’ve been part of the fab Aussie Angels where they’ve organised lots of fun events and of course, I’ve had my fair share of awesome hair products to try out.


An oldie but a goodie. Taken before an Aussie event with Fi and Emily

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