Knitted Elephants and Pigs in Bikinis

Possibly my favourite ever blog title but today, it’s all about Yang Du. A graduate from CSM, she has been on my radar ever since I read a post on Susie’s blog way back in 2008 and also when she wore an amazing Zebra knit of hers. Yang Du has the most colourful, vibrant, attention grabbing designs with animal motifs but most of all, it’s all about fun. When you’re amidst so many designers that celebrating more minimalist designs, discovering an eccentric stall with glove-puppet gloves and bright over-sized knitwear at the LFW exhibition was really refreshing. I spoke briefly with the lovely lady herself and she was bursting with enthusiasm which made it all the more difficult leaving her stall!

Yang Du Top
Yang Du Stall

glove puppet gloves

Yangdu Scarf A Yangdu Scarf B

I was quite taken with this scarf and Yang Du insisted I try it on! Cute is an understatement, the elephant’s trunk is a full circle which hooks onto your wrists. Amazing. My only regret is not trying on the elephant hat in the background. Maybe I’ll just imagine that I have a small elephant perched on my head judging from Kristabel‘s camera skillz!

Yang Du scarf

Photo by Kristabel

So while I might not brave wearing the scarf in Birmingham, I can definitely see myself in the over-sized knits/tops/dresses. I absolutely adored the over-sized superman motif top that Yang Du was wearing which was from the current SS11 ‘He is a superman’ collection.

You may have noticed in the previous post that I took my Fuji Instax along for the ride. In the snaps, another brilliant scarf can be seen in the form of the pink-pig-in-a-bikini as well as her knitted eye dresses that I was lusting after. Also in the snaps are a BFC Newgen scarf installation, Holly Fulton illustrations and dress.


A random snapshot of my desk from when I returned home. Vitamin water, notebooks, Aussie take the heat hair protector, make up (the K-palette eyeliner is the best I’ve ever tried!) and business cards of various designers I liked which of course, includes Yang Du’s one.

Over and out!