How many bloggers can you fit into a photobooth?

Last Tuesday was a pretty good day in my books. I hopped on the train bright and early to catch the Future Beauty : 30 years of Japanese Fashion exhibition in it’s last week. It was completely amazing and I’m expecting the Exhibition Catalogue any day now and I’m really looking forward to scanning some of the images to share on here. So stay tuned!

Later on, I met Kristabel, Michelle and Lana for some bagels and coffee on Brick Lane before we eventually made our way to the Fashion Revolution Party organised by the lovely people over at Voucher Codes. The party was held at the super swanky and luxurious Soho Hotel where I found myself in the midst of lots of familiar faces! There were cupcakes (standard), canapés and a photo booth complete with props. The ultimate blogger combination!

blogger photobooth3

blogger photobooth3-2

blogger photobooth3-1

The very last photo cracks me up every time! In these photos: Reena, Frankie, Kristabel, Jazmine Fi, Lucy, Gem, Michelle and Lana.

There were so many other bloggers and I couldn’t possibly name every single person on here but they did include the lovely Alice, Fritha, Harriet, MJ, Amy, Sherin, Kit, Frances, Elizabeth and Christina! As ever with such big events, it’s impossible to talk to everyone, so I’m definitely up for a big summer reunion where we can all catch up properly. It’s so strange/crazy to think that I’ve made some lovely friends through the internet!

Anyway moving on to another lovely blogger! Jazz has sent me another lovely illustration and I took the opportunity to give the blog a mini make over. I absolutely adore it!

Lucky Red illustration
Thank you Jasmine!