Happy CNY!

I still have a lot of love for my Fuji Instax. I meant to only be very selective and take a FEW photos of things that represent Chinese New Year in my household but behold, a crazy 5 photos for you.

So OK, it’s not really that crazy but when a box of 20 films costs you £17…

CNY snapshots
Sweet Box CNY

So all these things are pretty much traditional in my house. From the door decorations wishing good fortune, red envelopes with money (called Laisee in Cantonese), crates of clementines which are symbolic for good health, burning joss paper for Buddhist rituals and our round sweet box filled with candied fruits. It’s the same every year which made me think twice about putting this post together at all but obviously, there was no stopping me with the instant camera.

Right, I’m off for a meal at my grandma’s restaurant tonight for more food and festivities!

Happy Chinese New Year!
新年快樂, 恭喜發財!

(sun lin fai lok, gung hei fat choi: Happy new year, be healthy and prosperous)