Colour overload…

As a blogger, I constantly find myself making mental notes when I come across something that I want to share on here. So when I came across the ‘Pop Your Colour’ editorial in the March 2011 issue of Glamour, I knew it was destined to meet my scanner. After hungrily devouring the pages of colour blocked goodness, I’ve come to the conclusion that I totally need to stock up on brightly coloured skinny belts, clothes in neon and primary hues from the high street.

As much as I adore editorials and know that I would never ever be able to afford the clothes modeled, the prices that are sometimes printed alongside always shock me. Can you even imagine spending £520 on a pink cotton t-shirt?? I apologise if you’ve just choked on your tea and made a mess of your laptops, but yes that’s one insane price point for the average joe (but I still love you Jil Sander!). Anyway, here are my favourites from the editorial, enjoy!

Glamour March 2011 Pop your colour editorial 3Glamour March 2011 Pop your colour editorial 4
Glamour March 2011 Pop your colour editorial 2Glamour March 2011 Pop your colour editorial

I should probably mention that a certain blogger does colour blocking incredibly well and the Jil Sander trews featured in the editorial remind me of this awesome post by Kit of Style Slicker. Amazing.

Still want more colour? These stunning tulips belong to my sister, Hailey who turned 22 recently. So pretty!

H's Birthday tulips
Hailey's Cake

It’s OK, I’ve recovered from the shock of the price of that t-shirt with some much needed cakey goodness. Phew.