Black and Beige can be interesting too…

Maybe I’ll dig out a picture one day but I used to wear a brown and beige uniform to primary school. Brown blazer, beige blouse, brown and gold tie, brown tights and the pièce de résistance, a brown felt hat. Yup, that’s a whole lotta brown, it’s therefore unsurprising that I wear very little brown these days. So despite being adverse to my old school uniform colours, I noticed to my surprise that if I swapped the black for brown in this outfit, it would be my exact school uniform colour palette. To top it all off, I noticed that this striped shirt I’m wearing is scarily close to the striped dress that was my uniform in the summer (with a straw boater and brown ribbon no less!). Still, there definitely isn’t any brown in this outfit.

Not that my primary school life was particularly scarring but I’ve consciously stayed away from these colour combinations in the past because no one likes to feel like they’re wearing school uniform. I’m sure I’m not the only one who makes these kind of colour connections, so are there any colours that you guys usually avoid too?

Black and Beige can be interesting too
Black&Beige and Scarf
Black&Beige detail

Blouse (H&M) Striped top, Skirt, Scarf (Topshop) Boots (Blowfish)

I always seem to end posts like these with random pictures but I’m loving glittery nail polishes at the moment and this Accessorize colour in Aztec (£4) is no exception. It’s not quite as glittery as some of my other polishes but I’m pretty keen on this shade. It reminds me of oil because of it’s two tone quality.

Accessorize nail polish