There’s Art everywhere…

Sometimes you are so used to routine that you don’t notice pretty details. I was preparing some dinner, cutting up some Bok Choy/Pak choi (whichever you prefer to call it) when my youngest sister pointed out the rose shapes in the bits that I cut off. So I grabbed my camera and had to share them on here!

bok choy2

bok choy3

Bok choy

A last pretty detail is yet more of my sister, Hailey! I snapped a picture of her ASOS cardigan (sadly all sold out now) which has the loveliest pattern. I need to get a full shot of her outfit soon.

Hailey's ASOS cardi detail

A joint outfit post is in the pipeline at some point but that’s enough of Hailey for now, I promise I’ll be in the next post!