A day of surprises

Sometimes presents really do make you feel better. I’ve been a bit sickly since Christmas and after recovering from flu, I was struck down with a virus I caught off my sisters. I think I was wrong to suggest that I was obviously made of stronger stuff, only for it to catch me the following day. I don’t think I’ll ever tempt fate like that again! However, I woke up yesterday morning to find not one, but two amazing packages waiting for me and my headache faded away in no time! It felt like Christmas all over again!

First of all, there was a package from Marian Kihogo whose perfume giveaway I won not too long ago. Vera Wang Princess is such a pretty girly fragrance! Thank you Marian! 🙂

Vera Wang Fragrance set

My youngest sister was all smiles too as I gave her the little lipgloss key ring! Vera Wang Frangrance set

Secondly, I received a wonderful little blogger care package from Ellie (Pixieofthebees)! I was meant to meet up with her in London while she visited from Singapore, but unfortunately the bad weather prevented me from doing so!

Oooh pressies!Blogger goodies!

Silly faces…

Inside were some of my favourite things to feature on this blog…kawaii treats! Yum! Amazingly, she popped in a copy of French Vogue which she ever so thoughtfully picked up while in Paris. This of course, means yet another magazine to add to my list of mags to scan! I still have ViVi and a couple of Taiwanese magazines to fill a few more blog posts on here!

Ellie's Gift!

Among all the cute treats there were was a Pocky and a Pretz. I haven’t had Pretz (savoury Pocky) since my last visit to Hong Kong which brought back some fond memories. These snacks are a little familiar no? They have the same bag buddy feature on the reverse of the box as the Pocky I bought from the Japan Centre in this post. So cute! I have no idea what to do with my growing collection of cardboard boxes but they’re pretty adorable.

Pocky goodies

I feel like I’m back at uni again because these treats are currently in my bedroom…they wouldn’t last very long in our house if I left them in the kitchen! I’m pretty excited about sending a little something back to Ellie, I’m currently collecting bits and bobs to put in a box right now!

I also have to apologise to my sister, Hailey as she was expecting a package and she ran excitedly to the door twice just to find these labeled for me. Oops! I’ll offer you a stick of Pocky…

In essence this is a big thank you post to Marian and Ellie for making my day!