It’s all about the details.

Converse are definitely NOT the best thing to wear when it snows but sometimes I’m not that practical. Wearing my new studded knee socks layered over my dot tights are also not ideal for such chilly weather. Despite pulling on my trusty Westwood coat, I may as well have been wearing no tights at all. Lesson learnt…I think.

Ribbons and Spots 2

Next time I’ll have to layer up with more opaque tights but I do like the little details with the mixture of dots and the cutesy ribbon print.

Ribbons and spots

Cardi (Random store) Top (Uniqlo Heattech) Skirt (Sunday Upmarket Brick Lane) Tights (Primark) Knee socks (River Island) Shoes (Converse)

I found these waiting for me on the dining room table the other day. These Koala cookies definitely bring back a bit of nostalgia from my childhood and are just as fun as I remember! I was so happy to be reunited with them again that my mom now keeps buying cute boxes of confectionery whenever they catch her eye at the Chinese supermarket. No, I am definitely not complaining!

Koala Cookies

chocolate and strawberry flavour!

Koala Cookies 2

Some other nice surprises are getting a coffee (a mocha in this case) and finding something completely unexpected. Yeah it might only be a little heart sprinkled on top with chocolate but this little detail definitely made my day! In true blogger style, I snapped it up.

Coffee and Heart
I could so do with a cuppa right now…