Bright Lights and Carousels.

Every year I visit the Birmingham German Market. Apparently it’s the largest of it’s kind outside of Germany itself and it’s always fun to visit. I went recently with some friends where we bought our mulled wine and stood huddled outside of a giant polar bear shaped stall (sadly no pictures-but it sold Beer!) desperately trying to keep warm in the seemingly arctic conditions. Maybe it was the copious amounts of Wine and Beer but everyone around us were really jolly, all dancing and singing along to the the band that were playing Christmas songs.

Of course, I bought my camera along and took some photos, mainly of the Carousel. Carousels are always great to take photos of, they’re so interesting and it’s pretty hard to get a boring shot. Hmmm maybe just blurry shots seeing as I don’t own a fancy DSLR! One day….

German Market: Beer Stall

Carousel 1

Carosel 2

I’m trying to use my Fuji Instax more sparingly seeing as I run the risk of burning a whole in my pocket when it comes to replacing the film. These are enlarged way bigger than the actual photos but they still look cool!

German market instax

German Market Carousel instax 2

German Market Carousel detail instax

I’m definitely feeling all festive now. Our Christmas tree was put up last night and everyone is busy Christmas Shopping. I’ve been super organised this year and ALL my shopping is done. Yay! So it’s quite nice to sort of observe the frantic Christmas shoppers, are you one of them and the big question is what do you hope to receive for Christmas?