ViVi: December 2010

Let’s keep this post simple. These are my favourites from the December issue of ViVi!

Vivi Dec10 cover
I still want to find a beret like the one below, with a great big bobbly furry pom pom….
Vivi Dec10 1

I adore this faux fur coat and they’re the perfect companion in this chilly weather that has taken hold of the UK. I’m yet to find one that suits me. Also the brand is a little unfortunately named.

Vivi Dec102

ViVi loves Rumi and for last couple of magazines I’ve picked up, there have been a few pages dedicated to her and looks that have been inspired by her. For a magazine that’s predominately filled with half Japanese models, it’s really no wonder and Rumi looks like she belongs in there!

Vivi Dec10 3
I need to get hold of a leather jacket in a charity shop and sew on great big pearls on to it!
Vivi Dec10 6
Vivi Dec10 8
Still loving the shoes and socks combo. I’ve STILL not really given this a go.
Vivi Dec10 9
Miliyah Kato’s (Japanese singer) fashion page is one of my favourites!
Vivi Dec107

Vivi Dec10 4

I’ve just noticed that almost ALL of these scans contain some kind of variation of leopard print. I actually don’t own any leopard print apart from some purple printed tights and a scarf. Looks like my unconscious self is trying to tell me something!

Also. I set up a Tumblr on a whim because I was curious. I’m now addicted.