Old and New!

It seems like ages ago since my last outfit post but I’m back with an old favourite and some new ones too. Unlike some people who buy a new Winter coat every year, I have a hard time buying coats and own just one warm jacket and one warm coat. I’m definitely a firm believer in as long as you choose wisely, the garment will serve you many many many years!

This is definitely one of them and if you’re long time readers, it’s the only real coat you’ve ever seen me in! I’ll probably wear it until I’m old and grey haha. OK maybe I’ll HAVE to buy a few more coats by then…

Nice and Cosy 2

Coat (Vivienne Westwood)

Black and Coral

Cardi (Topshop) Dress (Topshop) Necklace (Bexy Lady)

Black and Coral Detail

It’s also definitely time for 100 denier thick cotton tights…and what better than to team them up with some new shoes? I bought these booties in the sale over at Urban Outfitters (you can still buy them here) and I adore them! They have really great grip on the rubber sole. So at least my mother can’t complain but then again she’s always pestering me to wear heels because I’m so short. Unfortunately my 13yr old sister is now my height and still growing. Nooo.

New Shoes

Boots (UO)

Oh lastly, I bought a ring from the newly opened Forever 21 store in Birmingham where I bumped into fellow blogger Sandra! Sometimes when you’re out and about you forget that you’re a blogger…it’s like some kind of secret alter ego.

Pearly Bow Ring

Nails (Barry M- Gold) Ring (Forever 21)

The Forever 21 store is humungus which is kind of an understatement. It feels like a department store. When I visited one of their stores in New York a few Summers ago, I thought it seemed a little like New Look except less trend led. Now that it’s in the UK, I still feel the same, except with wayyyy more product. Since it’s so big, It’s the type of store I would go to with a specific item in mind, because it would take HOURS to browse. Price-wise, at first things seem really cheap but the longer you spend in there the less noticeable it is! Verdict? It’s most certainly fast fashion when we’re talking about quality which is no real surprise but I’m also glad that there is even more choice on the high street!

Have any of you guys visited yet and what do you think of it?