Kitschy goodies

So last Friday I popped down to London for the day for a very Japanese filled day with Kristabel where later Fi joined us for dinner. I’ll post more about it in my next post but first some goodies that I picked up at the Japan Centre.

You might have noticed a lack of ViVi scans around here but I managed to get my hands on the latest copy with their favourite cover girl, Ayumi Hamasaki. I’ll be scanning my favourite pages in soon!


As a kid, my mom would buy Pocky and Lotte Koala Cookies from the Chinese supermarkets and when I saw the 8Tokyo post on the Pocky panda packaging I really wanted to get hold of some. No panda for me but I found a penguin one!

penguin pocky 2

The packaging is super kawaii and his little hands fold out to hang on the outside of your bag. I’d take him everywhere with me if he wasn’t just an empty cardboard box now…sadly void of all it’s Pocky goodness.

penguin pocky

Just hangin’

Moving onto more kitschy impluse buys. I saw this little plastic tub of gomashio (toasted black sesame seeds and salt used for onigiri etc.) and I just had to buy it. The seal is totally adorable and makes my sushi time EVEN cuter than it already is, what with my bunny and heart seaweed stamps and my character bentos seen here and here



My Fuji Instax photos seem to show that I have a clear obsession with all things cute and preferably with faces. A seal, penguin and an owl? Oh my….