Fashion, Art and Food!

Last Friday I popped down to London for the day as Kristabel had some tickets for Kenzo:Fashion In Motion at the V&A and er…how could I say no? Unfortunately I have zero photos of myself…apart from my purple clad legs from when I was waiting for my bus. I can assure you that the top half of my outfit was also purple and grey. Definitely a favourite colour combo of mine!

Jeans and ConverseWaiting for train

more waiting for the train…

I read this Metro article on the train and it reminded me of when my grandma asked an evaluator to her house to look at some things that my granddad had collected over the years. She believed that some were antiques but sadly this was not the case. My granddad was a lover of junk and had clearly been conned into buying a lot of tourist tack….and definitely not worth £43 million.

crazy news

When I arrived, I met Kristabel at the Japan Centre where we ate delicious and cheap sushi. I also stocked up on my goodies from the post before and soon after we headed to the V&A to check out the show! Kenzo is pretty iconic for it’s bold prints and the mixture of fabrics and the show showcased the labels designs from the last 40 years.


The show was held in the Raphael gallery in the V&A and as an Art History grad I did question the bright lights and the delicate art works but I soon forgot when the bold looks hit the runway. I have to say that the venue was fantastic for the show and created a level of drama that I think is well suited for LFW shows too! Kristabel took some fab shots of the runway too and Jazmine who attended the event in the evening, took some worthy shots and can be seen on her Facebook blog page. Definitely go and check them both out for even better pictures!


I adore the V&A and it’s my favourite museum in London. I’m a huge fan of Art Nouveau ever since I studied it for GCSE , A-Level Art and then briefly for Undergrad so I had to take a photo of the iconic posters from this era.

Art Nouveau Posters V&A

Mucha, Cheret, Toulouse-Lautrec, Meunier and Bradley.

In the materials and fabrics part of the museum I came across Anne Wilson’s ‘Topologies’ piece. I loved the landscape that she creates through embroidery. I only wished that the piece was more prominently displayed, it seemed a shame to see it in the corner of the room. It was placed under glass so when I took this photo from the level of the art work, the reflection looked like another landscape. Kinda cool.

Anne Wilson Topologies2Anne Wilson Topologies

Anne Wilson, Topologies, 2008, Lace, cloth, thread and pins

Lastly Kristabel and I were reunited with our favourite Irish blogger, Fi from SOS Save Our Shoes and we bonded over yummy food in Spitalfields. So while I didn’t take any pictures of myself, here is the food I ate!

mint tea

Yummy mint tea, obviously not quite as good as the real deal I had in Morocco.



burger and chips


Lastly, they’ll probably hate me for putting this picture up but to prove I wasn’t dining on my own here are the lovely ladies who were my company!

KB and Fi

It was such a good day and hopefully I’ll be back soon to catch Future Beauty: 30 years of Japanese Fashion at the Barbican!