(Almost) A day in Pictures

Earlier in the week I attempted one of those a picture an hour posts that Rebecca and Pink Bow do so well. I failed (I kept forgetting to take photos every hour and there isn’t always the opportunity) but you can still have some photos to look at!

Since my grandma has moved in with us for a little while, she brings back all manner of things to fill our fridge and fruit basket. This tomato-like apple looking thing is a Persimmon fruit. The taste reminds me faintly of Chinese pear…if you’ve ever had one that is!



I met some friends and sampled a new South American restaurant that had opened called Bodega. The food was really good! I highly recommend those sweet potato fries. Delish!

tacos and nachos

Of course I had my new love- the Fuji Instax with me. So I posed with some chilli sauce and my friends pulled silly faces.

tobascolaura and Carys at Bodega

I also went shopping with my mom. These escalators always baffle me. They were paint free up until a few months ago. How else are you meant to stand on an escalator?


I pondered for a long time whether to get this Zara jacket. It’s gorgeous but I decided that it was too expensive and looking back, I’ve got quite broad shoulders so the very pointy shoulder pads are not so much my cup of tea! Still lovely though.


We had dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant. I’ve been visiting this place since as long as I can remember and my dad has made quite a lot of friends here over the years- always plenty of banter when we visit. It’s amazing for Dim Sum too.


Like so many, I’m hooked on The Apprentice and after the dinner out, I had to catch up on the old iplayer when we arrived home on my other new love…our shiny 27″ iMac. Yay!


It might seem like an entire day in pictures but these were taken over 2 days! Ahh will have to put more effort into it next time!