Vintage Family Portraits

This is probably one of my favourite blog posts ever. Mostly because it’s one I had a lot of fun putting together. It all started when my grandma brought round some photos for my mom and among them, was this photograph of my mom (seated) and one of my aunts. There is such charm with old vintage photographs and they are just extra special when they are of people you know. The photos were taken c.1963 in Hong Kong. I adore the little bit of blush added to their cheeks and lips.


Armed with this photo, I hunted around the house for some old photos that I recalled seeing when I was little of my dad and his family. It’s so strange seeing my other grandparents look so young! Those woven basket chairs seen above and below are so incredibly 60s. Must have been quite standard for family photos! This photo would have been taken in 1960.


I found more photos of my dad, chilling at the beach next to a little boat with his little bucket of sand. Cute huh? I love the raggedy edge of these photos and they double up as a postcard on the back!


Lastly, a group photo of my dad, my uncle and my two aunts. Their little white socks are adorable. My aunts in Hong Kong like to keep up with me on this blog and I think this will definitely be a surprise when they read it later!

Vintage photos always make me think of a time long gone but these are so incredibly sentimental. They remind me that my parents had very different lives growing up in Hong Kong, compared to my sisters and I in England! Incredible.