Summer layers and installation art

This outfit was left from the slightly warmer days that meant tights could stay in my ever-increasingly messy tights drawer and Uniqlo Heat techs were bit a distant memory from early in the year. Those days seem like so long ago now as I am now piling on the layers, trying to fight off the chill that will inevitably ensue. So while I attempt to see how long I can refrain from wearing my Winter coat, here’s a look back to my Summer layering…


Shrug and Drapey vest (Hong Kong- probably from Island Beverley, Causeway Bay) Dress (Christopher Kane for TopShop) Skirt (Topshop) Belt (New Look) Shoes (Oasis)

Here are a few extra shots that I couldn’t fit into the last post. When Kristabel visited Birmingham briefly for the day, we ventured over to the Custard Factory (the original home of Bird’s Custard) and we explored the newly refurbished building that is slowly being filled with lots of creative types (there are plenty of artists studios here). I’m excited for the place to become filled with independent, creative shops but for the time being, there are some nice details to see and evidently, take photos of!


One of the first things you see upon entering the 4 storey Atrium is a floating scultpure , ‘The Deluge’ by Toin Adams. If you’ve visited before, she was the same artist who created ‘The Green Man’ sculpture which stands proudly at the entrance of the factory. ‘The Deluge’ is a little creepy and perhaps a little foreboding but it’s impressive against the stark white walls and height of the Atrium.


Toin Adams, ‘The Deluge’, Foam, Aluminum and paint, 2009.


Another sculpture that makes an impact is ‘Chaos’ and it was the subject of a little fun editing on my part.


Philip Watts Design, ‘Chaos’, Steel tubing and glass, 2010

Despite being made from white steel tubing, the sculpture takes on an organic life form and seems to grow out of the floor of the central courtyard. The steel tubing rises up from the floor and reaches right up to the 5th storey where a innovative little glass bridge is just about visible. It’s definitely my favourite feature of the custard factory so far.

It’s the early hours of Sunday morning which for me, means our family tradition of yum cha (dim sum) and lovely lazy afternoons! What will you guys be up to?