Pretty Colours

Yup, I’m going backwards to LFW again to share a few snaps from the exhibition at Somerset House. The exhibition at LFW was an opportunity to check out some of the collections up close and personal and I look forward to it every season. I took far too many photos there to not share with you guys, so expect a few more posts like these to come!

First up is the lovely Bryce Aime. Bryce Aime’s patchwork element with the incorporation of different types of fabrics was fun and allows for a much more tactile experience. I ‘d also love a pair of those two-toned sheer leggings. I’ve been contemplating whether to get rid of my footless tights but a quick DIY with two contrasting colours doesn’t seem like such a bad idea now!

Bryce Aime 2

Bryce Aime

Next up is Felicity Brown. I actually took photos of her dresses last year but I didn’t share them! However there’s no time like the present and her pretty pleated dresses were on show once again, this time in the TOPSHOP Newgen part of the exhibition. I really adore the dyed pleats from the softly dyed pastel ones to the more intense, dark navy colours and I eagerly snapped away…

Felicity Brown 4

The dresses have clearly been through a lot- from magazine shoots to being displayed for two seasons. However it was a shame to see that some of the dresses had Biro marks on them, a result of someone who had obviously been a little thoughtless in the handling of these dress.

Felicity Brown 3

Felicity Brown DETAIL2

This is probably my favourite detail shot ever and definitely worthy of desktop wallpaper material if I may say so myself!