Happy Food

There are some snacks that just put a big smile on your face and they are most definitely treats that you are never too old for…

Making onigiri or bento puts a whole new spin on ‘playing with your food’ These rice balls have seaweed faces with bunny cut outs for the eyes!

smiley rice balls
Freshly made sushi and pickled ginger at my favourite Japanese restaurant…
The Hummingbird bakery never fails to disappoint…

Hummingbird bakery

I tried one of their Woopie pies which I think looks like a very fat macaron or oreo. Yummy but not quite as good as a proper cupcake!


A quick trip to the supermarket for some cupcake ingredients and I revert back to a child in the sweets aisle..

We’re all big kids really.


Homemade lemon and ginger cupcakes with lemon frosting. The daisies are an ugprade from the instant Tom and Jerry cake mix with the rice paper decorations that I insisted on buying when I was younger!


What are your happy foods?