A whole lotta cake.

It seems that these days it’s almost a requirement to be a cupcake/cake lover if you’re going to call yourself a blogger. They’re present at all blogger events and to me it’s a bit like men who drive convertibles, they seemingly have to be middle aged and preferbly bald (so true right?!). But I digress, what I’m trying to say is that like most bloggers, I’m quite fond of all things cake shaped (as if you guys haven’t noticed haha).

I bought some cakes today from the Chinese bakery and if you’ve ever tried Asian cakes, they’re a different consistency to the ‘norm’. Super soft and spongey but also calorifically cream laden.


I chose to eat this Taro flavoured one, purely because I love the colour. Probably not the best flavour, but it looked pretty!


Lil’ sis Becky ate this one with a sweet chestnut filling. This filling is quite popular in Birthday cakes too.


We also bought some of my favourite buns including yummy Pineapple buns which even though it’s named after the fruit, it doesn’t have any pineapple in it at all! Some of the others have fillings like cream, custard, pork and red bean paste.


Though nothing quite beats the amazing patisseries found in Paris. I took these shots of these shop windows when I visited a few years ago. I really need to dig out some more photos to share soon. Amazing displays!



Yummy but so much cream I know. I need to stop looking at food blogs too but Cutest Food blog is just too darn cute. I feel fatter just from looking!