Sept: Japanese Street Fashion

I haven’t done one of these in a while but here are some quick collages that I made up of some of my favourite finds from Japanese street fashion sites. I’m loving all the prints and patterns as usual and I’ve decided that I must invest in some more quirky tights for AW.

However, I bought some heart tights from Topshop to replace a pair I laddered and what happened? I promptly ripped a great big hole AGAIN. It was also my first purchase at Topshop without my student discount which makes it hurt a little bit more! Oh student discount, how I miss you already.



Sources: Drop Tokyo, RidSnap and Japanese Streets

I’m so happy to be free of the clutches of the MSc but it’s so hard saying goodbye this time round as I spent 4 years at the same uni and also, so many of my friends are international. It’s kind of strange knowing that I can’t hop on a a train to see them but more like I need to save £500 for a flight to Taipei/Seoul/HK etc.

Still, it does fuel a need for an EPIC tour of Asia at some point. Saving the pennies as we speak!!