Daytripping it LFW style!

Before the 22nd is over, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! to those who celebrate it! Here is the famed mooncake that is eaten during this festival.


Oops for the blurriness…wrong setting!


Typical filling=Lotus seed paste with double egg yolks

Anyway, onwards to a run down of what I got up to yesterday at my one and only day at LFW. Bit weird only being there for one day this season but it was still good fun soaking up the LFW atmosphere!

LFWSS11Somerset house

I hung out with Jazmine from Jazzabelle’s Diary…who the street photographers absolutely adored!

Jasmine's Outfit

We also hung out with Kristabel from I want you to know who is a familiar face on this blog now. I am totally loving the knee socks and we discussed the very apparent need for some sock glue! Popular with Irish dancers as well as Japanese girls dontcha know!

kristabel Outfit

I never take good outfit shots for other people, I get all fidgety and giggly. Fail.


Faux vest (H&M) Top (Heattech by Uniqlo) Lace Top, skirt (Topshop) Shoes (Office)

We explored the exhibition together (more on the exhibition in the next few posts).

Louise Gray

Louise Gray prints

Very luckily and courtesy of Village Press, Kristabel and I made it into the Ashish show (big thanks to Alice). As soon as I stepped out of the tent I heard some pretty scathing reviews but I thought there were some fun pieces amongst the crazy mish mash of colours, prints and fringing. Personally, I’m not a fan of cowboy hats, boots and trucker hats but I did see some great pieces! I’ll be posting up more some more pics on this and some of my favourites in my next post.

Ashish flame dressAshish walk

LFW is always a fun place to hang out with fellow bloggers. We chilled out in the press tent with Shini where we indulged in Vitamin water and scones! I also finally met the ever so lovely Clare from I like Tweet, Yishyene aka Smallcrazy and had a brief chat with the ever-so busy Susie who was constantly being asked for interviews and papped by admirers.

After all the LFW madness, I met up with my friend for some good ol’ Pizza Express…


I very luckily managed to get a night time tour of the houses of Parliament seeing as she works there. I never visited on school trips but it was really cool (and actually a bit eerie) wandering along the corridors and soaking up the history. Fraid I couldn’t get any photos because of the strict security policy!

So that was my brief visit for LFW SS11 over and done with!
See you next year!

See you next season!