ViVi Round 2

Is it too soon for another ViVi post? Never! It really is the happiest magazine I own and the models are so cute. My favourite is Mitsuki who always has the biggest smile in the magazine! Here are some that I didn’t include in the last ViVi post. The first two scans are based on DIY or ‘deco’ as they are referred to here.

Aug Vivi DIY 2 2010

Aug Vivi DIY 1 2010

I also realised that I forgot to post July’s scans so I might as well put them all together here. The beauty of these magazines is that they never get old.

July ViVi 5 2010

July ViVi 4 2010
I adore Miliyah Kato’s style.

July ViVi 3 2010

July ViVi 2 2010

July ViVi 1 2010

July ViVi Yukata 2010

As ever, the step by step make up guides are so easy to follow.

July ViVi Chikako make up 2010

This one is scanned in super size because it’s so interesting! (click on the image to see it in flickr) The majority of the mascaras are only avaliable in Japan but it gives you an idea of the type of brushes and formulas. If you wanted to get hold of them, I’m sure you could find them on ebay.

july vivi 10 MASCARA

Anyway I better get back to my dissertation…