Vivi August 2010

I’m already an issue behind with Vivi but here is the August issue of my favourite magazine with Kana Nishino on the cover who is super popular over in Japan right now. I have to admit, some of her songs are really catchy…not that I can sing along to them, but hey!

Anyway, I’ll let my scans do the talking!

VIVI AUG 2010 1
VIVI AUG 2010 2
VIVI AUG 2010 3
VIVI AUG 2010 4
VIVI AUG 2010 5
VIVI AUG 2010 6

I know you guys can get hold of these scans really easily over at Vvshu (which takes forever to load but it’s pretty immense!) but I’ll definitely keep scanning in my favourite pages to share on here. I still love the tactility of the magazines and I love browsing through the stack of Vivi’s in my room whenever I’m in need of some fashion inspiration…